Prior to tech and processor registration, we built a million-dollar office. Most tech leaders try to replace agencies. We are passionate about local agencies, local relationships and local business ownership. We are invested to turn 100 agents into Millionaires. We have been there and have created an optimal agency model.

The #1 motivation for people building a business is lifestyle, for now and the future.

Building a successful lifestyle business has two parts. The needs of your clients and your business.
Your Business
Value Added
There are critical elements needed to attract good customers and create loyalty long term. In a competitive landscape, adding value and fixing critical problems is key. Our A.I.T. / Suite of Payment Services / In house underwriting, and support attracts solid merchants, you can offer a first to market innovative solutions for businesses owner’s most important issues, missing revenue and profits. Let us show you how we hit $1M in 6 months by solving problems for clients.
We know when an agency plateaus, we have designed the support to help you keep growing and maximize your potential.
We are turning agents into millionaires. We have the asset value built into your office.
We have designed a model to help you break through plateaus and solve the mystery of balancing retention vs lifestyle. We have challenged tradition and optimized the payment industry and agencies. Our agency model is just as disruptive as our tech.
Value Added
Built In Scalability
Built in Asset Value
Micro Teams
Your Clients Business
Major merchants and payment networks are aware of the issues in errors. Banking technology has limits and businesses are fighting for their profits. Our A.I.T. automates reconciliation and accounts for all success and errored transactions. That is where any missed revenue is found. From that clarity comes a suite of opportunities to optimize business and revenue. We help you change the conversation, deepen your client relationships, and attract elite clients.
We are a tech company with full time developers working on integration, automation, and intelligent business solutions daily. We innovate and create our own wake. Your client needs are our priority.
The future to the business landscape is integration and automation. But the relevancy of the software partners is changes quicky. Again, a technology company bring flexible, aggressive, technology focused priorities that our agents benefit from.
Ditto for integrations but ours have automated intelligence. Clearly it’s a top priority.
The payment industry is complex. One way to make it easy is to simplify solutions like square or stripe have done. This issue is that leaves even greater industry errors creating greater issues for businesses and their revenue. The other approach is AUTOMATED INTELLIGENCE. Reaching beyond what is humanly capable to pull forward data to create intelligence. That is where industry gaps are closed and businesses find INTELLIGENT Solutions and their revenue.
The only way to have long term success in this industry is by closing the back door with service. Its more than trying hard. Its an attitude, there is a structure, and a commitment. It’s common for Agents to have account managers but they aren’t on a team together. It isn’t common to have merchants assigned to a jr and sr account manager and I have never seen them on a team. Other industries function this way and it is the right model to build client and agent driven success long term.