Charity And Clubs
You have individuals and businesses that share your vision. They want to support you. Here is how organizations can increase support, beyond asking for more money
  1. Clients own a business; they process credit card payments. There is a processing rate, and today the profit goes to a bank or a processor.

  2. Clients have a credit card. There is a processing fee that businesses pay when they use it. They get cash back, or points, and today the profits go to a bank or card brand.

  3. We match fees and benefits, but the profit comes directly to YOU!

    Creating monthly residual income that grows and grows.

Register as a charity partner of Gold Star Payments and have profits generated by your clients automatically, every month.

Marty Haws
Vice President - Business Development
Phone: (801) 310-3200
Office: (801) 718-5471