About Us
Our Mission: Bring transparency and intelligence to the payment industry.
As the leader in Automated Intelligent Technologies we have transformed merchants' ability to track payment transactions, customers, and revenue.
We Are Transforming the Payment Industry
The Payment Industry is a branch of the complicated Banking Industry and has certain limitations:
  • Built on Old Cobal Technology
  • Disorganized data, which is difficult to access
  • Portals which are built for Banks and Processors, NOT business owners
  • No Billing Intelligence or Logic
  • Payment Data is not held to a Uniform Standard
  • Does NOT follow GAAP (Accounting) Principles

For the first time, merchants can track every penny for every revenue opportunity; they can source fraud, and know how to collect any missed revenue; and automate activities with intelligent logic.

We have re-thought and rebuilt much of the payment industry and how it works for you to bring you the optimal Merchant Account Management experience.
  • Service - Our entire company is built on Micro Teams so you are always talking to an expert and a friend. Your success is our business from personal Agent to personally assigned Jr and Sr account manager with all the abilities to manage your account.
  • Statements - We have done a complete rebuild of a merchant monthly statement to follow GAAP principles and reconcile each month to the penny.
  • Revenue - Daily we fix deposit errors, transaction errors, card brand and network errors, billing errors, fraud, and accounting errors. Many High Major companies bring us in to consult. Through our technology, our payment processing, or our consulting, we make sure you see any missed opportunities and maximize your revenue.