Integrated Partners
  • Separate your solution from the competition with the most intelligent integration in the industry.
  • Payments Integration: Integrate Payments API on the front end
  • Data, GAAP Accounting, and Automated Inteligence on the Back End.

Accessing over 4,000 data points per transaction vs. 35 with other processors allows you to change the game

  1. Instant Identification of Repeat Chargeback Offenders
  2. Increase Transaction Success Rates by 7.3%
  3. Automate Accounting Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  4. Track Expenses per Transaction
  5. Identify trends, flags, and errors in transactions.
  6. Track Deposits
  7. Find Revenue Recovery Opportunities
But we are the only ones bringing you
Intelligent Billing
  • 39% of declines are recoverable

  • Your clients will know how FIX ALL Errored transactions including…non-standard “Do Not Honor” errors!!!

  • Your Clients will be able to optimize your fraud settings and protect transaction success rates to maximize revenue.

Automated Reconciliation
Automated reconciliation to the transaction, to the penny, gives your business the ability to:
1. Optimize Revenue and Expense
2. Hold Software / Third Parties Accountable
Know Good / Bad Customers

You can always access this intelligence live in A.I.T. See all associated financial details per customers before you make decisions

POS / Third Party Providers can access a simple API to grab this intelligence so adjusting to "Bad Customers" can be actionable at the time of sale

A.I.T Accounting
Accounting ledgers automated Live, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. They are ready when you need them.
Fulfill off SETTLED Transactions vs Authorized Transactions
  • Know you got paid at a transactional level

  • Know if Customers have charged you back BEFORE you fulfill