We have standalone mobile and mobile that is integrated into your other payment vehicles
To install integrated mobile processing on your phone:

  • iProcess Mobile Payments at your app store on your phone, Apple or Android

  • To obtain retail rates an encrypted card reader must be obtained

  • Apple (purchase options) on site...

  • Supported Software: iPS Enterprise Encrypted Reader, iPS Encrypted Reader, ID TECH Shuttle

  • Supported Devices: Android devices running Android 4.4 or later

  • Supported Devices: iOS devices running iOS 10 or later

• Secure card reader connects to all mobile devices via the headphone jack. • Combines the latest technologies for reliable and secure mobile payments and identification. • Swipe path design yields highest read reliability on first pass. • Track 1 and 2 data. • Card reader uses dynamic encryption, tokenization and authentication, which meets PCI P2PE (Point to Point Encryption) guidelines for mobile payments. iProcess™ Mobile Application Update Required Merchants must update their iProcess™ mobile application to be compatible with the iPS Enterprise Encrypted Mobile Card Reader. The update will be provided through the App Store and Google Play and is compatible with all supported card readers.