Recurring Billing
How (A.I.T.) Automated Intelligent Technologies impacts: Automated Recurring Billing / Membership / Auto Ship
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The credit card processing industry is averaging over 9% errors in revenue capture for businesses.
  • 3% avg errors in Card Present Revenue Capture

  • 15% avg errors in Card Not Present Revenue Capture

  • A.I.T. Averages a 7.3% Revenue Recovery Increase

Decline Management
39% of DECLINES are recoverable.
Your Revenue Recovery Opportunity is HUGE!!!
  • We pull in over 3800 data points per transaction to give you full transparency into your declines including “Do Not Honor” codes.

  • Know how to FIX errored transactions

  • Know if customers have charged you back BEFORE you fulfill or bill.

  • Optimize your fraud settings to maximize success rates.

7.3% average top line revenue increase, says it all.
declines dashboard
declines dashboard
Fulfill off SETTLED Transactions vs Authorized Transactions
  • Know you got paid at a transactional level

  • Know if Customers have charged you back BEFORE you fulfill

Admin Dashboard
  • Track Key Indicators

  • See Trends

  • Track Results of Decisions

  • See Alerts and Errors

  • ...and more