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  • The reason we are top 2% in customer loyalty is because we have a personal relationship with our customers.
  • We assign every merchant a personalized client support manager so you are always talking to a specialist who knows your business.
  • We are also THE technology leader introducing Automated Intelligence Technologies to the payment industry. Our customer experience a revolutionary level of transparency, automation and intelligence.
There are three great options in running your Retail Business with Gold Star Payments.

Traditional Retail
Traditional Retail - is a simple process run through stand alone terminals. All terminals we provide have the latest in EMV and NFC (ALL E-Wallet) capabilities. Are simple set up and maintenance options. We provide the latest and greatest but they are terminals that businesses have used for many years.

All In One
All In One - Is a popular option that we lead in. Retail businesses typically have a website, want to collect payments through their phones when needed, and have their retail locations. We provide one experience and one account for all payment vehicles simplifying one process for login access, operations, admin, reconciliation, and accounting. This options sets you up for the complete suite of payment options clients often demand and makes it easy to manage.

POS - The demand for businesses have never been complex. Businesses often shift toward Point of Sale Technologies to help manage the many moving parts and save time through automation. We have certified the industries top rated POS technologies so merchants can leverage these technologies, keep local service, and leverage the additional technologies we provide. See Options.