Revenue Recovery
Through AIT, you will be able to identify missing revenue and have a playbook for your revenue recovery. However, some businesses just don’t have the band width to handle it all. Some revenue recovery is strategic and companies want to leverage our 35 years of payment and billing experience. Either way, Every penny is important and we want to make sure you get every one. You handle what makes sense for you and we can help to make sure you get what you have worked so hard for. We win when you win and just share in the factory.
Lost Txn Breakdown
44% Insufficient Funds
20.6% Errors
15.2% Undefined
10.4% Lost / Stolen
9.4% Fraud
52% of fraud alerts are errors
Recoverable Revenue In Declines
100% Payments Processed
CNP Declines
39% of Declines are Recoverable