Youth In Business

Small business is the core of our economy and communities. Everything we do at Golden AIT fights to preserve this. Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit in our youth gives them the confidence, toughness, perspective, and desire to create jobs, build financial independence, solve problems and lead in our communities, country and around the world.

Golden AIT's entire support structure is built off Micro Teams ensuring personalized professional support for Youth Agents and every one of their clients. Youth will be supported by their Master Agent through training, sales and client set up. Then their clients are supported by personally assigned Jr and Sr Account Managers continually.

Youth are building a portfolio of clients and paid a residual income for the life of their clients. Building income and an asset that will support them in the next chapters of their life.

We are excited to work with you to build freedom and flexibility into your future

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Avery Zenter - President
Phone: (801) 669-4139